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Pharmacy Owners: What Does Your Fortune Cookie Say?

Posted by Benjamin Coakley on Wed, Aug 31, 2016 @ 08:44 PM

Pharmacy owners often leave things up to chance. Sometimes it is a result of not having enough time to focus on them. Sometimes they simply have put important things on autopilot and they hope they end up some place they can live with. They're often like the airplane pilot who radios the control tower and says, "I'm lost, but I sure am making great time!"  Here is a brief list of things that we have seen put on autopilot: retirement planning, exit/succession planning, contingency planning, personal/family planning, etc. Isn't this like trusting a fortune cookie to make decisions? Aren't these too important to leave up to chance?"

I actually got a fortune cookie message a few weeks ago that said, "The Future is Yours." I immediately began thinking what that actually meant and if I needed to do anything to get this future the little white piece of paper promised. I then realized that it is what it is. It is a little white piece of paper with a saying on it that means nothing unless I take action.

This means taking my future and the important things off autopilot and assume some responsibility in my future success.




The above image says it all. It is crazy to hedge our futures on random chance or what a piece of paper in a sugary treat says (they are delicious though). To put it more simply, we don't want to be that airplane pilot I referenced above.

Taking control of you destiny is imperative for your success and for the long term success of community pharmacy. Below are three steps you can take right away to make this happen.

  1. Admit that you need to step up to the plate and take responsibility for your success
  2. Set a meeting with your most trusted advisors and get actively engaged in your plans
  3. Set up a complimentary workshop with one of our advisors to set a clear vision for success and the goals required for you to achieve that vision

Only a small percentage of pharmacy owners have written goals and a personal and pharmacy vision for the future. The research shows that these individuals will end up more wealth than the other 95% combined.

So, I now ask you, "Are you ready to take your plans for the future off autopilot and achieve the life inside, outside and after pharmacy you have always wanted?" Click below to get started. Once you fill out the information, a Waypoint Team Member will reach out to you to set up a complimentary workshop ($1,500 value).

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