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On Purpose Wealth Management

Use Your Wealth for a Life on Purpose


You Are Wealthier Than You Think!!!

Why We Exist


To Inspire Purpose

Discovering your true purpose transforms everything from your relationships to your finances. Everything starts with your purpose.

To Create Abundance for Communities and Make the World a Better Place

We want future generations to inherit a better world for themselves.

To Save Families from the Harms of Speculation and Gambling

Investing has become a complex game where dangers lie around every corner. We want to help families understand true investing.

We Believe in the American Dream. Join us at the Next American Dream Experience.

The American Dream is about more than how much you have. It is about having the freedom to choose your own destiny and to make a better life for you and your family. Unfortunately, there are people who are out to steal your American Dream or already have stolen it. Now is the time to defend or reclaim it for yourself and to never let anyone else take it from you. Email to for more information on the American Dream Experience.




Evidence Based Investment Principles that are Nobel Prize Winning and Academically Proven

We believe in the power of capital markets - not speculation, and this allows us the freedom to think differently and innovatively.  Our partners have taken a scientific approach to analyzing the financial markets which allows us to create real world investment solutions. These solutions allow our clients to capture what the markets offer dimensionally.

We also believe in collaborative approach to wealth management. Each team member and wealth management tool have been selected to give you the guidance and experiences you need for your ultimate success.

Email today to get a complimentary evidence based analysis of your current portfolio.

Our Values

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Who We Are

Waypoint was formed at the beginning of 2010 by merging two well respected independent Registered Investment Advisors in North and South Carolina. Since then we have continually grown and expanded upon our financial services to better assist local businesses succeed and increases the likelihood of them achieving their purpose.  

The word "waypoint" was chosen for a specific reason. It signifies a point along a destination where changes and course corrections can be made. It is critical that this is done because things change constantly. Making these corrections and changes can keep you on track to achieve your most important life goals. This is a critical reason in why Waypoint was formed.