Waypoint's Evidenced Based Investing

  • Step I - Understand the economy and financial markets are unpredictable!
  • Step 2 - Ask meaningful questions and set attainable goals and objectives.
  • Step 3 - Apply academically proven principles to investing and avoid excess cost to build a successful strategy for the future.
  • Step 4 - Monitor the process and rebalance when necessary.
  • Step 5 - Meet regularly with your preferred advisor



                                            Waypoint's Unique Process


We believe in the power of capital markets - not speculation, and this allows us the freedom to think differently and innovatively.  Our partners have taken a scientific approach to analyzing the financial markets which allows us to create real world investment solutions. These solutions allow our clients to capture what the markets offer dimensionally.

We also believe in collaborative approach to wealth management. Each team member and wealth management tool have been selected to give you the guidance and experiences you need for your ulimate success.

We believe in letting potential clients test drive our program before we ask them to become full Waypoint clients. That is why we offer a complimentary workshop. This workshop will help you gain great clarity on what you want and set clear goals and objectives.