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Empowering a Health and Wealth Care
in Communities Across America

Our Purpose

The sole purpose of our business is to increase and protect the wealth of privately held business owners.

That’s because we believe successful, locally owned businesses bring greater vitality to the families and communities they serve.

Our Vision

A world filled with people achieving their full potential.

Our Mission

Is to reclaim the resources that are being sucked out of communities by big business and bring back affordable, quality health care.

Our Clients Work With Us Because They Believe in Our Purpose and Our Mission

Join the Health and Wealth Care Revolution!

Health care + Wealth care = The revolution is here

Our focus on Independent Pharmacy Owners honors our Purpose. We are empowering pharmacy owners to:

  • Find new ways to make money outside the PBM Model
  • Protect their pharmacy from losing key employees
  • Create financial independence outside of the pharmacy

And, overall, we are empowering communities to reclaim the resources that have been stripped away by profit-first, people-last big businesses.


Every Dollar Counts in Pharmacy 

These days, as a result of the PBM Mafia's harsh reimbursement tactics, independent pharmacies are confronting a crisis of unprecedented proportions. The Waypoint Company has created the following solutions to help you combat the cash crunch. Ask for more information using the form below.

1. The Pharmacy Insurance Group

2. Pharmacy Integrated Direct Primary Care Clinics powered by Big Tree Medical

3. Pharmacy401k: Benefits for the Modern Independent Pharmacy

4. Credit Card Fee Savings

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Each of our solutions is increasing and protecting the wealth of privately held business owners with a laser focus on empowering a wealth and health care revolution in small town America.

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