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The Rx Insurance Group

Get rewarded for all your hard work helping your patients choose the right plan!


 Would you like to get paid for the advice you're already giving your Medicare patients during open enrollment and throughout the year? 

Pharmacy Insurance Group


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The WaypointRx team has created Pharmacy Insurance Group to make it easy for you to start your own insurance agency or become an agent. This webinar will explain how everything works and the tremendous opportunity for you and your pharmacy. 

Why You Should Become an Agent or Start an Agency

Whether you realize it or not, there is an intentional effort to remove patients from your pharmacy. Preferred networks, DIR fees, and the increase in mail-order pharmacies has made this more of an issue than ever before. The Pharmacy Insurance Group is one way to fight back.

Through our program, pharmacy owners can become agents, get family members licensed and/or own their own insurance agency with their own agents.

There are many reasons independent pharmacy owners should own insurance agencies:

  • It is best for patients because they can have the option to choose a plan that will allow them to keep using your independent pharmacy (Medicare patients in particular)
  • It is best for patients because customized strategies can be created to meet their needs at their
    preferred pharmacy (your independent pharmacy)
  • It is a great diversification strategy for non-prescription revenue
  • It is more profitable than the reimbursements for filling prescriptions
  • It creates an asset that is marketable to other people, a separate LLC
  • Minimal start-up costs
  • Independent pharmacies are already providing advice like insurance agents but are not getting paid for the time and energy they spend on their efforts
  • It allows independent pharmacies to continue to serve the Medicare population

This can also dramatically improve the chances of a successful transition plan to the next generation
because there will be breathing room to allow them to learn the business and make good money doing it.