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The Purpose of Capital

You are wealthier than you think. The Purpose of Capital is about making lasting and significant changes within your team, your community, and your business.

Our Clients
Locally owned businesses are the linchpin of the communities they serve
and we are committed to ensuring they are around for many years to come.

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The Purpose of Capital Program (TPOC)


TPOC is Waypoint's foundational approach to understanding what true wealth really is and the key to On Purpose Capital Management™.The purpose of capital

Together, with other like-minded business owners, you are invited to participate in a twice monthly series. On the first Thursday of each month, we will present TPoC education and implementation content. Every third Thursday, we will facilitate interactive Traction & Action conversations to make sure you are getting the greatest possible value in return for the time you invest.

If you are one of our Pharmacy Insurance Group agents or agencies, this will help you maximize impact for the community and your personal sales.

TPoC is exclusively available to our clients and partners. It is part of our commitment to you. Join us and discover how TPoC is foundational to ensuring you enjoy the greatest possible success in your life, relationships, business, and community.



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