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The Purpose of Capital

You are wealthier than you think. The Purpose of Capital is about making lasting and significant changes within your team, your community, and your business.

Our Clients
Locally owned businesses are the linchpin of the communities they serve
and we are committed to ensuring they are around for many years to come.

The Program

Stage 1: The Purpose Alignment ConversationThe purpose of capital

An informal, no obligation conversation to discover if your purpose aligns with ours.

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Stage 2: The Purpose of Capital Workshop

A systematic, thorough assessment of your current situation, discovery and clarification of your goals, and a powerful confirmation of your purpose.

Stage 3: Your Purpose & Goals Blueprint

A personal blueprint that empowers your ability to make decisions with clarity, confidence, and purpose! And a presentation of the relevant the strategies and tools we will use to empower your purpose-driven life plus the terms of our relationship.

Stage 4: Your Purpose of Capital Plan

A detailed, prioritized, action plan with key performance indicators, execution timeline, and required ecosystem elements.

Stage 5: The Purpose Accelerator

Regular, needs-based progress reviews of plan performance and relationship value to facilitate on-going plan refinement and accelerate your progress.

Stage 6: The Community Vitality Breakthrough

An advanced, collaborative process empowering you to engage other business owners in a purpose-driven mission for causing positive change in your community.