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By bringing real-world, peer-tested ideas, strategies & capabilities to the widest possible audience of pharmacy owners, ProsperRx protects the success & nurtures the growth of independent community pharmacies.

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Sharing Wisdom, Experience, Ideas & Insight

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Join ProsperRx so you never have to go it alone!

This is your opportunity to join a group of your fellow pharmacy owners in a collaborative, wisdom sharing conversation. ProsperRx is a virtual community of like-minded, pharmacy owners who are sharing & learning with each other to ensure every one of them can enjoy the greatest possible success.

We have three group options for owners to consider. Pharmacy Solutions Alliance for multi-store owners, NextGenRx for legacy pharmacy owners, and BoostRx which is an online only group for pharmacy owners.

Our primary objectives are to increase margins, capture market share, increase efficiency and decrease expenses. Here's how it works:

  • Participants join a group of eight to 15 other pharmacy owners
  • Regular meetings will be held with other participants
    • Pharmacy Solutions Alliance will meet 2x per year in person (digitally until it is deemed safe to meet in person again)
    • NextGen will meet 2x per year digitally
    • BoostRx will meet monthly, digitally
  • Your input will be solicited as we determine the next meeting's agenda
  • You will have secure online access to all shared documents and conference/meeting notes, recordings and transcriptions
  • You will also be invited to participate in two, 90-minutes teleconferences per year that are open to the entire ProsperRx community

Contact Matt at 843-873-4420 today for more information. You can also fill out the form below to get your membership to the ProsperRx program started!