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Our solutions help pharmacists and pharmacy staff thrive in a very dynamic time in human history.

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Your Financial Prescription

Financial Prescription

At Pharmacist Financial, we specialize in offering comprehensive financial advice. Over the years we have helped hundreds of pharmacy employees enjoy inspired independence by achieving greater personal and financial success. Your Financial Prescription™ is our proprietary financial program designed to help you create a simple financial plan for success.

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The Career Transition Coach (CTC)

Career Transition Coach LogoThe Career Transition Coach is a solution to help you manage all the life and financial challenges of changing jobs or careers. Whether you have already changed or are thinking about changing, meeting with one of our coaches can help you navigate the unchartered waters of a life decision this important. You can schedule a consultation with one of our coaches below.

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Lifework Mastery by ProsperRx

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LifeWork Mastery was started by ProsperRx to help high-achieving pharmacists master their mind and their time to transform the daily grind into a life lived with clarity, purpose and passion. Facilitated by experienced leadership, well-being, and mindset coaches, the monthly conversations provide the reassurance, support, inspiration and practical methods needed to participate in life more deeply instead of prioritizing work over everything else.

LifeWork MasteryIf you’re tired of feeling like you're being buried in the volume and noise of work and want to find your personal leadership and well-being rhythm that fits who you are and what you love, join us.

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The Elemental Wealth Solution

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This proprietary wealth building solution is designed to be simple and effective, while minimizing taxes as much as possible. You will learn a step-by-step system to ensure you maximize the amount of wealth you accumulate over your lifetime and leave the financial legacy you want. This solution is rooted in science and time-tested principles backed by Nobel Prize winning research and ideas.

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