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Can you say for sure that you have the absolute BEST 401k plan for you?

The BEST retirement plan creates greater independence for your life after pharmacy, and ensures the viability of the independent community pharmacy for future generations.

At Pharmacy401k, we work with you to make sure your 401k plan is customized just for you, and will walk you through your options and discuss:

  • Employer Matching – attract, retain, and reward your employees
  • Profit Sharing Contributions  – learn how to maximize your benefit
  • Fees - 401k plans are often riddled with hidden fees

Your life after pharmacy is too important for a “one-sized-fits-all” plan.

We assist pharmacy owners at any stage of their ownership in customizing a retirement plan to achieve financial independence. In addition to reaching goals that are important to you, we find a way for you to retire on your own terms, and not be dependent on the sale of the valuable service that you have provided for your community.

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