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Health Insurance Solutions with a transparent PBM

The future of health insurance is here. Large health insurance companies and PBMs are overcharging companies by thousands of dollars per year. Renovation Health Care is the answer to this by creating affordable access to high quality health care.

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Why This is Needed Now

Traditional, fully insured health plans have become way too expensive for employers and employees. The way the current model is set up, there is incentive for insurance companies and PBMs to raise premiums on a yearly basis. Most employers are never actually debriefed on the things happening in their plan that cause the premium hikes. One of the main reasons is that the insurance company, PBM and the broker who sold the plan don't want them to know.

Do You Have a Traditional Employer Sponsored Health Plan and Need Proof?

Ask your Broker for the following: 

1. A summary of all health and prescription charges

2. A complete breakdown of the broker's compensation

More than likely you will be told that these are unavailable or just flat out denied the ability to get this information. Neither the insurance company nor the broker have a vested interest in you knowing what you are paying.

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The sole purpose of the Pharmacy of Tomorrow is to increase and protect the wealth of independent pharmacy owners.

That’s because we believe successful, locally owned pharmacies bring greater vitality to the families and communities they serve. 


Whether you realize it or not, there is an intentional effort to remove patients from your pharmacy. Preferred networks, DIR fees, and the increase in mail-order pharmacies has made this more of an issue than ever before. 

The Pharmacy Insurance Group is one way to fight back.

The program makes it easy for pharmacy owners to become agents or get family members licensed and/or own their own insurance agency with their own agents.

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Start an Agency Today

There are many reasons independent pharmacy owners should own insurance agencies:

  • It is best for patients because it gives them the option to choose a plan that allows them to keep using your independent pharmacy (Medicare patients in particular)
  • It is best for patients because customized strategies can be created to meet their needs at their preferred and trusted pharmacy (your pharmacy)
  • Independent pharmacies are already providing advice like insurance agents but are not getting paid for the time and energy they spend on their efforts
  • It is a great diversification strategy for non-prescription revenue
  • It is more profitable than the reimbursements for filling prescriptions
  • It creates a separate LLC, which is a marketable asset should you choose to divest 
  • There are minimal start-up costs
  • It can dramatically improve the chances of a successful transition plan to the next generation of independent pharmacy owners