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To give your patients a
Your pharmacy is the place where they belong; a medical home where they
are known, feel comfortable, welcomed, and truly cared for.

Now is the time to offer Direct Primary Care in your pharmacy!


We are seeking qualified pharmacies now.

These qualifications are designed to give you the best possible chance of success.

They serve as a guide for you – and for us – to discover how we can work together. We know each opportunity is unique and are willing to make logical exceptions.

Our base-line qualifications include:

A “right fit” willingness to invest your:


TIME: From the time all contracts are signed, we expect it will take 90 days to open your clinic.  Our team will work with you and for you to ensure you only spend time where it matters most: serving your patients, community, and with your loved ones.

MONEY: There are three things we look at: your personal net worth (including your pharmacy’s value), cash on hand, and the ability to invest $16,800 in start up costs

SPACE: The ideal set up is two, 10’ x 10’ examination rooms (one with a sink), and adequate patient parking.


Ready to start?

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Think you qualify and want to learn more?

Fill in the form and a DCC representative will schedule a 15 – 30 minute discovery call.

Not sure if you qualify but would still like to explore this opportunity?


Pharmacy Integrated Direct Primary Care offers a 60-day profit building program delivered by Coach Jeff Earlywine, the
creator of the Purpose, Plan, Profit programs.

Even if you choose not to pursue this Direct Primary Care opportunity, Coach Jeff will help you
attract and retain Ideal Patients for life and make your pharmacy more profitable.


We know your time is a scarce resource. We know your financial picture is perhaps a source of
concern. But we also know, from working side-by-side with hundreds of independent pharmacy
owners across the country, that your purpose is to serve your community. We share that purpose.

That’s why we make it as easy as possible for you to get started. The first step is for you to gain a
crystal clear understanding of the time, costs, and responsibilities ahead. The second step is to
understand all of the resources, expertise, and opportunities we bring to the table to help you

And if it isn’t the right move, or if now isn’t the right time, for you to put a Direct Concierge
Clinic into your pharmacy or pharmacies, we will be the first to say so.
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The sole purpose of the Pharmacy of Tomorrow is to increase and protect the wealth of independent pharmacy owners.

That’s because we believe successful, locally owned pharmacies bring greater vitality to the families and communities they serve.