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It is becoming more common for us to see retirement plans where the owners are not able to fully fund their portion because it is tremendously expensive because of the employees.  We have a special retirement plan design that may allow you (the owner) to maximize your contributions in a very efficient way for the pharmacy cash flow.  We believe that this is one way you should be rewared for taking the risk of pharmacy ownership.  This site is dedicated helping you create a more efficient benefit for the company and fulfill your responsibilities for being a plan sponsor.

Pharmacy 401k plans are a great way to save money and provide a benefit to your employees. Please visit the website at www.pharmacy401k.com to learn more.  Below is Waypoint's blog dedicated to pharmacy 401k plans and retirement planning for pharmacy owners.

The importance of developing your will

Posted by Tyler Campbell on Tue, Oct 23, 2018 @ 08:46 AM

Everyone should have a will…PERIOD.

Without it, all of your hard work could end up exactly where you don’t want it. Not only will it ensure that your belongings stay with family (or not, depending on your relationship), but it makes the process smoother and less likely to cause strife.

Look at Aretha Franklin. After her passing it was discovered that she had no will and her $80 Million estate is now tangled in a legal mess. While the law in Michigan states that her estate be evenly divided among her 4 adult sons, it is likely that her assets will be contested. 

The same thing happened with Prince and his estimated $150 Million estate. It’s been two years and his estate is still being contested, as heirs have come forth to insist upon ownership of his estate – including his 5 half siblings, one of whom hasn’t seen him in over 15 years. Prince also left behind thousands of hours of unpublished music, and both the rights and releasability of those tracks have been up for raucous debate in the absence of a will’s clear directive.

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