This is no ordinary 401k…it’s a Farm401k
An ideal retirement plan drives your family and farm success.




A Purpose Driven Retirement Program for Family Owned Farms

You've worked hard to build a successful farm.

Farm401k addresses a financial challenge a growing number of family farm owners face: not saving enough money outside the farm to provide financial security and allow the current generation to slow down or even retire.

Our mission is to protect and empower family owned farms because we believe successful locally owned farms bring greater vitality to the families and communities they serve. To make the difference that you want to make, you need to work with a company that is aligned
with your purpose. Saving and optimizing your retirement savings and benefits is going to put more money in your pocket today to fulfill your purpose during and after your life in farming.

Farms thrive when their communities do, and now, more than ever, we need to re-evaluate what farms are doing to find ways to make a bigger impact within our communities. The Farm401k team is offering our services with the goal of finding ways to help you save
money in order to help you and your community to thrive. Our team also has the training and experience to handle not only your 401k, but all of your financial plans. We even offer a complementary review for every farm owner.

With Farm401k we offer a specialized design that can allow you to maximize your contributions in a way that is efficient for cash flow. Our team is dedicated to helping you achieve your retirement goals while creating an attractive, sustainable benefit for your employees and fulfilling your responsibilities as an owner and Plan Sponsor. Now is the time to transform your farm's retirement program into a real life, understood, and valued benefit for you and your employees.

With Farm401k, it is simple to start, or convert your current plan, because we provide:

  • A dedicated startup/conversion specialist to handle the majority of the work required
  • Simplified plan documents to make the startup or conversion process easy
  • Advanced plan management and decision support technology for you and your employees
  • A secure, online portal for sending necessary information without having to use paper or a fax machine/scanner
  • A bundled service platform so you are only dealing with one company for the life of your 401k
  • A dedicated toll-free phone line answered by real people who can answer any questions you or your employees may have
If you are ready to work with a financial company that is aligned with your purpose - reach out to our team and talk with us about how we can help using our unique approach. All we want is a conversation for a chance to share our story and our mission and our message. You can give us a call at 843-873-4420.

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