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Who was your valentine this year?

Posted by Benjamin Coakley on Fri, Feb 17, 2017 @ 03:37 PM

Traditionally, Valentine’s Day has been reserved for couples. But this year, we want you to think of it differently. Your year-round valentine in the pharmacy is someone or something that loves you back. As an example, PBMs are probably NOT your valentines.

So, what are some things that love you back?


  1. Benefits packages. By creating a customized benefits package specifically for your pharmacy, sweet treats such as deferred compensation and a golden handcuff plan, will allow you to save more money or save on your taxes – something everyone loves.

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  1. Your Pharmacy401k Plan. Pharmacy owners are faced with the challenge of finding the right retirement plan and, unfortunately, most are following a plan that is all wrong for them. Either it is too expensive, the wrong plan design, or both. That’s why we offer a specialized design that can allow you to maximize your contributions in a way that is efficient for cash flow. With a valentine like Pharmacy401k Plan, you can achieve your retirement goals while creating an attractive, sustainable benefit for your employees.

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  1. Your Patients. You love your patients because they keep you in business, and your patients love you because they keep coming back. Like any relationship, it’s important to nurture and grow that bond with good communication, using strategies such as:
    1. Write new patients a hand-written thank you note.
    2. Ask those who have been with you for years for their advice on how to improve your pharmacy.
    3. Allow each customer to offer feedback each time they come into the pharmacy.

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You can also try making your pharmacy feel like a home away from home by baking fresh cookies or popcorn every day, creating a coffee bar for patients to enjoy while they wait, or holding customer appreciation days.

  1. Your Employees. It has been proven time and time again that happy employees (those who feel valued, appreciated and respected) are more productive and cost the company less, than unhappy employees. Helping these valentines fulfill their purpose ultimately helps the pharmacy full its purpose as well. In fact, we are offering free copies of Lead For God’s Sake, a book that helps you to unlock the full potential of your employees to ultimately fulfill your pharmacy’s mission. It shows you how to best lead them to realize their purpose and to be great at what they do every day.

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This February, add a few more valentines to your list and show some love to the things and people who love you too.

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