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Happy Thanksgiving to Community Pharmacists and Pharmacy Employees

Posted by Rick Coakley on Mon, Nov 25, 2013 @ 12:43 PM

We love the holidays at Waypoint because it gives us a chance to reflect on all the great things community pharmacythat happen to us and all the ways we are blessed.  We are truly thankful for many things.  That is why we particularly love Thanksgiving.

I asked my team this morning what they are thankful for in their lives and in this past year.  Each one of them said they are thankful for having a generous God, the love their families have for them, and the team we have assembled at Waypoint.

They also all mentioned that they are thankful for community pharmacy and the great things it does for communities around the world.  Every one of our employees uses community pharmacies for their prescription needs.  Often times, these community pharmacy owners and employees become some of our best friends and clients.

Therefore, I know this is never said enough to all of you that work in community pharmacy, Thank you for everything you do for us.  Have a wonderful Thanksgiving Holiday and please know that you are appreciated by more people than you may realize.

The Waypoint Team

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