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A Tool for Living Your Pharmacy Ownership Success Story

Posted by Benjamin Coakley on Fri, Aug 12, 2016 @ 03:08 PM

There must be a million ways to live the pharmacy ownership success story.3.png

How do you live yours?

Working with hundreds of pharmacy owners all across the country has shown our team that for every owner, there’s a different definition of success. That said, the success stories we hear and see have three fundamental ingredients in common. In order of what we believe to be most important, these are personal, financial and ownership success.

Which comes first, personal or business success?

That’s right, we put personal success first and ownership success last. Our experience shows that a pharmacy owner who is achieving personal success is better able to achieve financial and ownership success.

On the other hand, when personal goals are set aside or compromised for the sake of ownership or financial success, the victory is hollow and unsustainable.

Our mission is to help community pharmacies flourish for many generations to come. We do this by helping pharmacy owners think different and focus first on what matters most to them. Recently we took a look at how well we were fulfilling our mission and realized we were not helping as many pharmacy owners as we needed to. Our ability to work directly with pharmacy owners is limited; there just aren't enough hours in a day or people on our team to get it all done.

Looking for ways to make what we’ve learned in the past 20 plus years accessible to all pharmacy owners gave rise to the idea of putting our Inspired Independence Program in a box and selling it for under $200.

The Inspired Success Guide works!

Long story short, we spent months developing the Inspired Success Guide. While it doesn't actually come in a box, the guide helps pharmacy owners increase the amount of time they have for the important things in their lives and save significant amounts of money.

After several months on the market, we are happy to report the guide has been a success. I recently followed up with a couple of owners who purchased the guide and here is what they told me.

  • "This tool has really helped me get organized in a couple of very important areas. By using it, I have been able to find a few extra hours a week to be with my wife and young children. The guide did exactly what was promised."
  • "I am always leery about I buying things like this but I took a chance because I trust Waypoint to deliver the value they promise. I feel that this simple tool may have been the best value of anything I have ever purchased to help me as a pharmacy owner."
  • "I plan on purchasing the new tools Waypoint creates because of the value I received from the guide. It has allowed me to save thousands of dollars which go directly to my bottom line and to help me achieve my personal goals."

It’s all about time and money

Two ingredients that drive success in all areas are time and money. The tools in the guide help you better manage your time and protect and empower your ability to make money. Plus, they were chosen because they are easy to implement. Here is what we’ve included in the guide.

  • The Community Pharmacist Lifecycle helps you get oriented and know exactly where you are before deciding what’s next
  • The Inspired Vision Builder enables you to create a powerful and compelling vision for personal and business success
  • The Pharmacist's Time Optimizer takes a entirely new approach to getting the most return for every minute you invest in achieving of your goals
  • The Customer Satisfaction Multiplier shows you how to improve customer satisfaction... even when you’re not there
  • The Employee Engagement Accelerator helps you engage employees in the achievement of your pharmacy vision and goals
  • Create Golden Yet Affordable Handcuffs protects one of the biggest assets in your pharmacy: your key employees.
  • The 3-Factor Portfolio Foundation gives you a simple, yet highly effective strategy for establishing a solid foundation for your investment and retirement portfolios
  • The Action Planner keeps things simple and gets you into action

Special offer

Because we want to get the guide into the hands of as many pharmacy owners as possible, we’re making it available in three different ways.

  1. You can purchase it for a discounted price of $74.99 (50% off) for all pharmacy owners from now until the end of the year
  2. You can sign up for a complimentary workshop and we will send you the guide for free
  3. You can refer a pharmacy owner to us and we will send you the guide for free

Take control of your future

Time is slipping through the hourglass every day. It's time pharmacy owners take control of their future. Many of the owners I meet and work with tell me they should have done something about these issues years ago. Unfortunately, you cannot go back in time and change things.

So, take action now, and begin the process of securing your independence and legacy buy purchasing this guide, signing up for a complimentary workshop, or referring another owner to us.

Purchase our new  Inspired Success Guide 

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