About Waypoint

Who is Waypoint?

Waypoint was formed at the beginning of 2010 by merging two well respected independent Registered Investment Advisors in North and South Carolina. This gives our clients access to higher quality resources and increases the likelihood of them achieving their most important life goals.  We remain steadfast in our fee based approach to planning because we feel it allows us to give the best advice possible to our clients.

The word "waypoint" was chosen for a specific reason. It signifies a point along a destination where changes and course corrections can be made. It is critical that this is done because things change constantly. Making these corrections and changes can keep you on track to achieve your most important life goals. This is a critical reason in why Waypoint was formed.

Why should you work with Waypoint?

The key to you achieving your most important life goals is understanding that you only have so much time, energy and money. You have to make sure that these three things are congruent with your most important life goals. It is important to use a process to think about them and make the necessary corrections when life events happen. The first step in the process should be determining the most important goals in your life. We offer a one-on-one free goals workshop that is designed to help you discover these goals. Experience shows that this is the first step of transforming your life and becoming more self fulfilled.

What are the planning services provided by Waypoint?

  1. Succession Planning/Exit Strategies
  2. Financial Independence Planning
  3. Risk Management Planning
  4. Asset Protection Planning
  5. Wealth Optimization Planning
  6. Asset Strategy Planning

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